Engadget & TechCrunch are new Sharks, Jets

I love me some good blog drama, which is why Business Insider’s rundown of Michael Arrington’s recent flare-up at co-AOL blog Engadget is such an amazing read.

AOL recently bought out Arrington’s TechCrunch blog, and is keeping him on for a few years. Somewhere along the way he got pretty annoyed at AOL’s main tech blog, Engadget, and kind of went off on them a day or two after they had all returned from a week of working round the clock at CES.

So now the two blogs (both owned by AOL) are feuding with each other (to their credit, Engadget has kept it off their site). The entire article is worth a read, even the comments - it’s not every day you get to see full-grown adults like Henry Blodget, Arrington and Joshua Tolopsky get into a flame war. 

Full disclosure: CNNMoney has used sources at both TechCrunch and Engadget for stories before. - Matt