SXSW world records: Grilled cheese and footed PJs

What happens when geeks party? World records — the sillier the better.  

GroupMe got much buzz at SXSW for its grilled cheese stunt, which brought Takeru Kobayashi —Japan’s famed eating champ and long-time holder of the coveted hot-dog eating record — to Austin to competitively chow down. The goal: Set a new world record for “most grilled cheeses eaten in 1 minute.”

Turns out that’s pretty easy to do, since there was no official record. TechStarsNYmanaging director Dave Tisch scarfed down four, giving him a brief grasp on the title. His glory run was fleeting: Kobayashi was next up and took down 13 sandwiches.

The competition was chronicled on, a site that lets people document records for anything they can imagine. It’s now got a whole stack of SXSW records, including “Tallest Tower Of Beer Caps" (14), "Most Business Cards Handed Out In 30 Seconds" (15 — that seems very beatable) and "Highest Score Earned On Level 1 Of ‘Angry Birds’ While Blindfolded" (29,590 points).

But my favorite weird record-setting stunt is the giant footed PJ party that the Austin Caravan crew threw in their RV part. I heard about it from LaunchRock cofounder Zachary Melamed, who helpfully shared this photo of LaunchRock team members Sean McCullough and Brandon Dohman rockin’ their footie fashions. 


The goal was to set a new record for “World’s Largest Footed Pajama Party.” I have no idea if they succeeded, but I admire the impulse. -Stacy