Adventures in Google PR-land

  • David: (10:39 a.m) Does Google have any color on search traffic jumping last night due to the news of Osama bin Laden’s death?
  • GooglePR: (12:56 p.m) Hi David-- I see you've already posted. We'll keep you posted if we have additional info. thanks!
  • David: (3:41 p.m.) Sorry to bug you, but is there any word on this? I’ll be heading out for the day at 4:30.
  • GooglePR: (3:48 p.m.) Not exactly what you were asking for, but here's some updated imagery. This morning, GeoEye's IKONOS satellite was passing near Abbottabad, Pakistan, and snapped a photo at 10:52 AM local time, 05:52 GMT. They shared it with us, and now we're sharing it with you. Let me know if you have questions.
  • David: (3:49 p.m.) [HEADSMACK]

SkinDisplay imprints text messages ON YOUR HAND.

This is pretty much the craziest thing I’ve ever seen — but a British dude narrates the concept video, which makes everything seem calm and normal.

Dulcet tones aside, SkinDisplay is totally nuts and totally awesome. Infomobile (via Digg) has the scoop: “By using piezoelectric technology (which stiffens materials based on electrical current), SkinDisplay is a concept which lets you press your finger into raised text messages on the back of your phone, and read the impression. The idea … is you can see what’s going on in a discreet way without pulling out your phone.”

As you’ll see in the video below, SkinDisplay is introduced along with an app called SmartCall. Both are meant to “make phones less annoying and more human in the way they talk to you.” With SmartCall, you can set your status as busy, available etc. — and add a subject line plus a “deadline” when you contact someone.

I’m a bit “meh” on SmartCall, but it’s an interesting concept. Especially when presented alongside SKIN TEXT MESSAGES. Check out the awesome video below. -Julianne

When you thought mobile typing couldn’t get any crazier…

Typing on a mobile phone sucks. Even if you have a physical keyboard, Swype, SwiftKey, or any number of innovative mobile keyboards, all they really do is make a horrible situation slightly less bad.

So along comes 8pen. Its solution? Completely redesign the mobile keyboard. I can’t begin to explain how it works. Just watch the YouTube clip below.

So here’s the question: Will people be willing to learn a completely new way to type? Will school children have to take keyboarding and 8pen classes?

I’m going to guess no. But at least it’s not just another qwerty keyboard that makes my fat fingers feel just “chunky” rather than obese.