Post-Locationgate, Google is really playing it safe

Remember “Locationgate” and all those stories about mobile privacy?

The furor kicked off in April, after two British researchers released an open source application that let Apple’s customers see the location data stored on their iPhones and 3G iPads. The brouhaha soon expanded to include Google devices.

People were not pleased to hear this. Obvi. Senators grilled execs from both companies on Capitol Hill, and a few weeks later they proposed a mobile privacy bill.

I guess that was enough to scare Google, if my inbox is any indication.

You see, two weeks ago I finally tried Google Latitude — which broadcasts my mobile phone’s location to pals who are also using the service.

Now Google is making double-triple-quadruple sure that I know that I’m, well…using Google Latitude. To broadcast my phone’s location to friends. AKA what the service is for.

Within a week I got three emails like the one below:


Google isn’t the only company going out of its way to make sure you know which secret details you’re divulging. In April, Verizon Wireless said it would start slapping 'we can track you!' warning stickers on its products. -Julianne