The future is not digital sales, it’s streaming. And if the labels were smart, which they are not, they’d go with Spotify immediately, before Apple or Google allows customers to keep their purchases stored in the cloud, obviating a need for subscription services.
Bob Lefsetz cautioning the labels to get everything into a paid model in the cloud, before either tech juggernaut does it first for free.

"The cloud" is at the airport.

While working on Dave’s video about the cloud and related services, I had the following phone conversation with my mom, who probably typed into her browser after getting off the phone with me.

Mom: What are you doing?
Me: Making a video about the cloud.
Mom: Oh. Do you have that?
Me: Yes - everyone does.
Mom: Is it any good? I saw a commercial for it. They were at the airport.

Yes, mom, it’s very good. -Matt