The coolest Yahoo rap you’ve ever heard

Earnings season can get a bit tedious for reporters, who end up staying late (at least on the east coast!) to field after-the-closing-bell conference calls that run for about an hour.

So we take the laughs where we can get them! Last week’s earnings amusement came courtesy of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who joked about the lame hold music before the call (she didn’t realize her mic was live).

Don’t worry, Marissa: Your knight in shining armor is here! It’s — who else? — Snow, the rapper whose claim to fame is the 1992 one-hit wonder “Informer.”

According to the New York Post, music licensing company Jingle Punks (creators of music for NBC show“The Voice”) commissioned the bizarre project.

Listen above to the song (which isn’t really rap, I guess) and sing along to the chorus, which has wormed its way into my brain on loop: “You’re on hold / Hold at Yahoo / Gimme a second / While I patch you through.” - Julianne

GChat analysis: 50 Cent’s Twitter account (NSFWish)



photo: 50 Cent’s Twitter stream

Steve: i’m obsessed with 50 cent. he’s not even human

Julianne: oh fiddy. what’d he do
Steve: the guns are actually his twitter background
Steve: I am so obsessed with him
Julianne: awesome
Julianne: the dog. is named. oprah winfrey.
Steve: hahahaha
Steve: also, notice the dimebag
Julianne: oh perfect
Steve: this is how he’s spending his day
Steve: abuses Oprah Winfrey

Hack is Wack…yo?

File this one under: SRSLY?

Security software vendor Symantec has teamed up with, um, Snoop Dogg. To host a contest. To find the best anti-cybercrime rap video.

The competition is called — ahem — “Hack is Wack.”  According to All Things D, malware-loving lyricists can drop rhymes for a chance to win tickets to a Snoop concert and a full Norton security suite and excuse me because the uncontrollable laughter is making it difficult to type. -Julianne