This is why tech companies need to stop having an event every time they make something new


This is from the registration form for a Motorola/Verizon event next Wednesday afternoon in NYC - if you can’t see it, it says “*If you’re attending an event at 548 West 22nd Street in the morning, would you like transportation from that location to Gotham Hall?”
See, there’s also a Nokia/Microsoft event in the city that morning. Motorola doesn’t want to use the phrase “a Nokia event” so they browsed their thesaurus to change it to “an event.” There’s also an Amazon event the next day. You might say they’re all trying to show off new products before the big Apple event the following week. It’s tech event overload.

Which makes me wonder, do companies really need to have an event/presser every time they launch a new phone or tablet? They’re basically throwing themselves a party for doing their job and then inviting the press along to confirm (and live blog!) that yes, they are still doing their job and yes, they will continue to make money by creating and selling new products that are “the most innovative and fastest/most powerful _______ yet.” 

Having an event for every new product is the equivalent of giving all the four and five-year olds in Snoopy soccer a trophy just for being there.

Here’s Dave at Mobile World Congress this past February, saying Samsung’s strategy was “throwing spaghetti at the wall.” Which is pretty true. And you know what? I don’t need to come over for dinner every time you make spaghetti. -Matt

Happy first birthday to yourself, CNNMoney Tech Tumblr


Creative Commons photo by Flickr user Tobyotter

September 1 is often the harbinger of the beginning of the end: of summer, of pretending we might leave early on a Friday, of…um, August.

But it will always be a happy date here at CNNMoney, as we launched this here Tumblr on Sept. 1, 2010. Two or three of us posted quietly under a secret name (“floorfive”), while we tried to convince the Powers That Be to let us make this thing official.

Thankfully, 106 days later, we slapped a CNN logo on the Tumblr and said hi! Stacy’s “Hello World” post, complete with embossed toast, drew an outpouring of support from the community (including most thrillingly for me, a too-kind post from my hero and Tumblr evangelist Mark Coatney).

It’s gotten only more fun from there. Writing for the Tumblr is easily one of my favorite parts of my great job. And I know everyone else on the team has had a blast as well, posting open letters to our boss Steve Jobs, GChats with our roommates, throwdown accusations, straight-up rants and potshots at Tumblr itself.

It’s incredible to be part of such a collaborative and creative community. We thank all of you for reading and connecting with us this past year. Here’s to many more! -Julianne

Angry Birds cupcakes!


photo by my cell phone, culinary stylings by Belinda

A 25th birthday isn’t much of a milestone, but my coworkers have been spoiling me all day. Just when I thought the hoopla was over, CNNMoney webmaster and Tech Tumblr contributor Belinda whipped out a nerdy little bunch of tech bites (ba-dum-chh!).

Bel’s homemade Angry Birds cupcakes are as delicious as they look, and they don’t make any annoying sounds, either. Om nom nom. -Julianne

"Cheers — can’t wait to tweet/tumble/Facebook this later!"


photo via White House Flickr stream

As we posted yesterday, Mr. President had a little party last night in San Francisco to chat with leaders in the tech space. And the White House Flickr’d party pix today!

Out of all the (mostly) old white dudes (oh yeah, and Carol Bartz plus a mystery blonde holding it down for the ladies!), Steve Jobs landed on Obama’s left and Mark Zuckerberg was on his right.

I think Zuck got the better end of the deal, as our president is a lefty. As the significant other of a left-handed person, I’ve been frustrated at many a dinner — and I’m betting Jobs got a few elbow bumps while eating. Even more annoying than Zuckerberg’s virtual pokes. -Julianne

Fortune 40 Under 40


images: Julianne Pepitone

Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list of young influentials came out earlier this week, and it’s dotted with tech stars. Rounding out the top three: Marc Andreessen, Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Williams + Biz Stone.

Stacy and I headed to a launch party in NYC for the issue last night, where many of the under-40s were mingling. We spied Google’s Marissa Mayer, Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley…and this awesome martini bar made of ice. -Julianne