I do enjoy yelling at Siri to tell me who the 12th president of America was but I’m just old enough to remember what it was like to search for information, and I miss those days. Strange to feel nostalgic at 22.
CNNMoney commenter ImJeffJay, on Encyclopedia Britannica’s decision to stop printing its iconic book sets after 244 years. The general commenter consensus: sad, but inevitable.

I couldnt help send you an email about your post titled “can windows 8 save the PC from extinction?”.

Are you out of your mind? Do you even know what computing is?

You are so wrong and I won’t even waste my time trying to tell you why it’s just stupid to buy Apple for personal computing.

CNNMoney commenter of the day, who made sure to put in his signature that he was a PhD. As if to say, “I know I’m coming across as a crazy a-hole, but I’m actually quite smart.”