Peace in our time! Or our comments thread, at least

  • GoAwayObama: The problem with PC sales is there hasnt been any real speed increases in CPU's in years. I just got a brand new top of the line core i7. It has 8 cores, but its really not any faster than the 5 yr old computer it replaced.
  • VoteObama012: Nice post GoAwayObama! I completely agree with you. The pc is now a commodity like a tv, toaster, or microwave.

Gems from our comments section

  • Fortune writer Duff McDonald: It seems the way to make money on HP (HPQ) is to wait for it to do something stupid, give them five years or so to be able to gracefully reverse course, and buy in anticipation of the eventual announcement. (Let's not even get into the whole scandal of Mark Hurd and the pretty PR woman that got him booted from HP. We've never really gotten to the bottom of that one, have we?)
  • Fortune reader McArthur: What part of "Corporate pillow geisha catches eye of CEO who bangs voucher system in passionate pursuit" did you find confusing?
When I was a kid our parents didn’t swear at us…they just stuck our heads in the gas range until we got a little groggy. I see nothing wrong with…with…what the heck are we talking about any how!
CNNMoney commenter VekTorVik, on Samuel L. Jackson’s narration of “Go the F**k to Sleep.” The free audiobook version of the brash pseudo-children’s bedtime story garnered 160,000 downloads in 48 hours. -JP
It’s like the door was wide open with a cookie and milk tray out with a piece of paper that asks to please not take the jewelry laying on the counter. Seriously, a simple SQL statement yielded all of this data that was unencrypted? Why doesn’t Sony just avoid the embarrassment by publishing all of their customer data themselves?
CNNMoney commenter conic123 on the purported Lulz Security hack of 1 million Sony accounts