Alma mater of Yahoo’s interim CEO wants you to know he’s not a liar

Last week, I received an unsolicited email from Hulu saying that its CEO Jason Kilar isn’t interested in taking the helm at Yahoo — which probably clears the way for interim Yahoo CEO Ross Levinsohn to drop “interim” from his title.

This week, it’s an out-of-the-blue note from American University. Folks there would like you to know that if Levinsohn does become CEO, there will be no resume-embellishing scandal a la the ousted Scott Thompson:

Dear Julianne,

We here at American University have been watching your coverage of Yahoo and AU alumnus Ross Levinsohn’s role as interim CEO. American University is proud that Ross Levinsohn graduated from our university with a bachelor’s degree in Communication in 1985.

Kindest regards,

Rick Todd

Public Relations Manager

School of Communication

American University