Yahoo eyes cliff, charges straight over it

Yahoo PR just called to complain that our article — “Cranky shareholders blast Yahoo" — misrepresented the "tone" of the company’s shareholder meeting. 

Direct quote from shareholder: “The debacle over the past few months is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” 

S’rly? That has a tone other than cranky? 

Even better bit: The rep said we didn’t get the vibe right because we weren’t in the room. 

From AP’s coverage of the meeting: “The Associated Press monitored Yahoo’s meeting through a webcast because the company banned media from the gathering held at a Santa Clara hotel.” -Stacy (burying head in hands)

Very questionable deals

Groupon put up a blog post this morning explaining that it is pulling its ads from the website of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice (which Groupon didn’t even know it had — they were put there through an ad network deal). 

The post says this isn’t a political decision, just a business one:


Wait — what!? Guns, fine, but Groupon doesn’t run abortion deals to avoid “upsetting” people? How about not running abortion deals because what kind of deal could they possibly run? Buy three get one free? Half price on Tuesdays? 

Aiee. -Stacy