Gchat analysis: The only reason we care about Eduardo Saverin renouncing his citizenship is that we all saw 'The Social Network'

  • Chris: you got time for lunch around 1:30ish?
  • David: just got hit with breaking news.
  • Chris: What news?
  • David: the Facebook cofounder renounced his citizenship
  • Chris: Not the winklevi, I assume.
  • David: haha, no, the other guy
  • Chris: The guy played in social network by the new spider-man?
  • David: exactly

David's IMs while he covers a Senate hearing on Verizon's controversial spectrum purchase deal

  • David: Did You Know? Only one Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee has gone on to serve as President of the United States. Martin Van Buren served as Chairman from 1823 to 1828, and became the eighth President in 1836, serving one term
  • Stacy: clearly this testimony is riviting you
  • David: I think it's going to be a short write

GChat analysis: "It's coming!!!111!" rumors

  • Ben (markets writer): Ha, did you see Facebook might not file until after market close?
  • Julianne: haha, we saw that earlier and cried. we came in at 730 just in case, but im going to guess it will be around 5pm.
  • Ben: ugh
  • Julianne: i would actually find it funny if they didnt file today. we'd all look like morons
  • Ben: there were rumors that greek deal would come 'within hours' earlier today. we should have a pool on which will not come first

Notes from an FTC panel discussion on facial recognition technology

  • Dave: 38 minutes into this panel, and Facebook still hasn't said anything. "You want to sue us? Well, screw you and your stupid panel"
  • Stacy: they can be the clarence thomas of this event
  • Dave: I feel bad for this Facebook lawyer. She's writing a lot, and she clearly spent a lot of time on her hair. maybe she's shy.
  • Stacy: ha
  • Dave: she speaks!!!!! 56 minutes!
  • Stacy. yay! was it an apology?
  • Dave: "we need to educate people about implications of making things public." Glad you're here, Facebook

GChat analysis: The Facebook of yore

  • Dave: it's weird. I've been using Facebook since 2004 and I literally don't know how to use it anymore. like, there used to be a thing that showed you where your friends birthdays are
  • Julianne: its hidden on the side now
  • Dave: I used to try to get my Mom to use Facebook, telling her how easy it was. and now, I actually have no idea what's going on when I sign onto the first page
  • Julianne: everyone is pregnant on my homepage
  • Dave: nice. and then some things have blue triangles. seriously, I feel like a grandpa who doesn’t how to work his BlackBerry
  • Julianne: haha. I felt like that with Google Wave
  • Dave: however, I can explain in detail why Sprint phones won't work on Verizon's service. so...I've got that going for me
  • Julianne: the triangles are "highlighted stories" that Facebook thinks youll care about
  • Dave: one day you'll teach me how to use the blue triangles in Facebook, and I'll teach you about OEM-installed Android debug logs
  • Julianne: i'm glad to be me and not you in that scenario
  • Stacy: did you download the guardian's new facebook app?
  • Neil: no. in fact, that's what made me try to quit Facebook
  • Stacy: did you download an app from them long ago?
  • Neil: I don't think so. why?
  • Stacy: cos it's showing you as one of my "friends who use this app"
  • Neil: ?!? let me go look
  • Stacy: was trying to figure out how broadly it grabs permissions
  • Neil: nope, I have not used it
  • Stacy: awesome. sending you the screenshot
  • Neil: I was asked if I wanted to use it, and clicked the "F#%$ NO" button. actually, guess it should be the "PISS OFF" button
  • Stacy: Our article is basically about facebook's lack of a F#%$ OFF button

IM from the Microsoft Build trenches

  • David: there's no Expo today for whatever reason, AND there's no hands-on demo for press, AND press won't be given the tablets to try out
  • Stacy: microsoft really knows how to party
  • David: okay, still working on this, but looks like i've secured a tablet
  • Stacy: yay!
  • David: also, the German guy next to me is trying out the pen interface by writing "Fuck you" over and over. That is, apparently, the extent of his English.
  • Stacy: I love it
  • David: I'm getting to play with the tablet in a "supervised environment" in an hour.
  • Stacy: afterward, do you get cookies and a nap?
  • David: oh, God, I hope so

Putting tech editors to good use

  • David: is this an acceptable use of kibosh? "If AT&T's merger bid is successfully kiboshed, T-Mobile will find itself in a big pickle."
  • Stacy: hahah, yes
  • David: sweet. haha. Wasn't sure if you have to "put the kibosh on" something, or if something can be passively kiboshed. Learn something every day
  • Stacy: i wonder if there's an AP stylebook entry on this
  • David: I should hope so
  • Stacy: the epilogue is that I may kibosh pickle

GChat analysis: What too much tech reporting does to a gal

  • Nick: you need to get that gross thing off your wall
  • Julianne: what? i don't see anything!
  • Nick: how would you see it? you're at work
  • Julianne: what do you mean? i can log in at work
  • Nick: ....
  • Julianne: ohhhh wait. you mean my real wall? i thought you meant facebook wall
  • Nick: hahahha jules.....
  • Julianne: i know, i know. i want to punch my own face