PadPivot takes tablet stands to the next level

Over the last few months, manufacturers have developed a plethora of iPad/tablet stands for those of us who love to multitask. Sometimes I just don’t like holding things — and you know you’ve been there. Until now, though, tablet stands have all been pretty much the same.

Enter PadPivot! This awesome upcoming stand sets itself apart from the rest in a few different ways.

The holder’s size is adjustable to hold a wide range of products including phones, tablets and e-readers. Users can also adjust the base to go from the tabletop to strapped right on the leg (awesome for us public transportation commuters.) This super useful gadget even comes with a tether strap to keep it secured on your leg.

But I’m most impressed with its ability to fold up into a small carrying case so you can take it anywhere. I mean, technically you could walk around with any of the solid larger stands — but people might find that odd.

Just to add a little more awesome to this story, the PadPivot was funded by the community over at Kickstarter. I’d say the $92,000+ pledged for a $10,000 goal makes it pretty obvious how many people are excited for this cool new product. - Belinda

We got our hands on a Windows Phone 7, and I took the Samsung model home for the weekend. My verdict: Prettiful! The interface is totally unique, different from the row-of-tile-icons popularized by the iPhone and Droid. The touchscreen is also super responsive and quick to boot.

But as Dave points out in his video review above, a slick-looking UI doesn’t really mean the phone itself — and its operating system — is innovative. -Julianne