Media blogger and Venturebeat writer John Boitnott put together a cute little post on what Google’s autocomplete feature thinks of social media and big tech companies.

Basically, the whole thing sounds like a sullen teenager. The iPad is “lame,” Apple is “overrated,” MySpace is “ghetto” and Twitter is “so stupid” (and also “for old people”??).

Google autocomplete even thinks Google itself is “a pervert” and “making us stupid.”

Heartwarming, no? Have a nice day! :) :) :) -Julianne

Hey megalomaniacs: Build your own planet!



Have a God complex? Like space? Don’t feel like doing any more work today? The folks over at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in California have solved your case of the Mondays.

Click here to be transported someplace high above the heavens, where you can choose your planet’s size, age, distance from a star and more. (Above is Jultopia, where curly-haired people have been clogging up shower drains for 7 billion years.)

When you’re done crafting your lovely planet home (or sweltering uninhabitable rock, if you’re not such a benevolent overlord), you can download a picture to send to all of your friends to show how cool you are. Or set it as your desktop background at work — you’ll get a promotion and a ton of lunch dates in no time. -Julianne

From toasty thighs to sizzling pizza


Image: 01Mathery

Editor’s note:The following is a guest post from CNNMoney webmaster Belinda, who knows all about HTML, Javascript and all that other tech that scares us.

Until now, laptop heat really only served one purpose: cheap birth control. Now, however, it has a new and tasty use. Check out this homemade Mac-Oven and you’ll never have to stop gaming (or Facebooking) to satisfy those pesky hunger pangs again! -Belinda

Feeling groovy? Gangsta? Try Stereomood


screenshot by CNNMoney

Editor’s note:The following is a guest post from CNNMoney webmaster Belinda, who knows all about HTML, Javascript and all that other tech that scares us.

Today my Tuesday decided to dress up like a Monday and make me moderately miserable. We’re talking an emergency large frozen yogurt kind of day. Thankfully,  senior video producer Abby pointed me to an incredible site called Stereomood.

The prompt on the first page is simple enough: “How do I feel? What am i doing now?” The list of emotions was enough to make me crack a smile, and things got even better when I started clicking around.

I don’t want to ruin any of the playlists for you, since half the fun is how awesomely accurate the mixes are — but let’s just say I started on “Angry,” sauntered over to “Melancholy” and now I’m happily rocking out to “Gangsta.”

Game over, Tuesday. -Belinda

Aphex Twin is nuts with a spectrogram


image: Wikimedia Commons, by user Omegatron posted a really incredible piece last week: "10 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Albums."

It’s chock full of hidden messages from Nine Inch Nails, conspiracy theories re: Radiohead, a piece-it-together song from Tool and more. The craziest/techiest one is from freakazoid electronic outfit Aphex Twin. The sole Twin is Richard D. James, whom I love — but he’s totally nuts.

As Cracked notes, “he lives in a converted bank office owns a tank and submarine, and has a deranged compulsion to plaster his face all over s—-, as seen most prominently in the insanely terrifying music video for ‘Come to Daddy.’”

That face-plastering reached its peak with an awesome spectrogram trick found on the B-side of the 1999 single “Windowlicker.” The name of the track is this insanely long equation that most fans call, simply, “Equation.”

Toward the end of “Equation,” a jarring metallic noise is heard. When that section is run through a spectrograph, which converts sound waves into images, the above picture of James’ wacked-out smile appears.

To see the spectrograph run-through of the whole song, click below (or skip to 5:36 for the face). And definitely don’t plan on sleeping tonight! -Julianne