Oh Color. Here was our launch day coverge:


I got caught up thinking about the hype around the Color launch and re-read a bunch of launch-day stories (ie, most likely embargo’ed in exchange for access), just for kicks. These are the stories and lines that stuck out at me, posted without further, er, color:

What’s powerful about Color is…

In honor of Color, we bring you this Monty Python clip

Email from Color finance vice president Andrew Urushima, as reported by VentureBeat: “Last week, the Board and major shareholders voted to wind down the company.”

Spokespeople from Color and its biggest investor: “Color is not shutting down.” 

It’s the Schrödinger’s cat of startups. Also, we totally called this way back on launch day.  -Stacy

Why I don’t get Color


Photo of people I don’t care about using Color:

With the risk of sounding like an old man, I really don’t understand what the fuss is about this new mobile app called Color.

I’ve seen headlines that say “not since Google have we seen something like this" and "everyone is freaking out about it,” calling the app “radical,” “amazing" and predicting it will "reinvent social interaction.” 

I feel like I’m missing something. The app lets you see other people’s photos in your location. But…I’m there. I have eyes and feet, and I can look around.

The practical use that I keep hearing is that people at a restaurant can take photos of the food, and I can base my order on those photos. I suppose that’s true, or I could, you know, look at a menu. And who takes photos of their food anyway?

I don’t care about random people’s photos of their friends, babies or dogs (funny cat photos, however, are welcome.) I don’t want to see anyone else’s drunken photos at a bar, and I certainly don’t want strangers seeing mine.

So why do I want this again? -David