GChat analysis: Angry Birds' sounds

  • Julianne: did you see our reader who transcribed the angry bird sounds
  • Steve: yeah. but it's not how i'd spell them
  • Julianne: how would you do it
  • Steve: for the boomerang bird: braaaaahhhh.....CAW
  • Julianne: HA!
  • Steve: the caw is when you tap to boomerang
  • Julianne: noted
  • Steve: for the sumo bird: maaaaahh
  • Julianne: yeah that one's easy
  • Steve: and AH when you tap
  • Julianne: do you think the yellow one sounds like wolverine?
  • Steve: i think he says weeeeeeee. and he whistles
  • Julianne: wow ive got to start playing it with the sound on. but i feel like it's obnoxious
  • Steve: i play it with the sound on in our living room...
  • Julianne: i know

Angry Birds escapes the digital realm


Image: Electric Pig

One of the most exciting product previews at CES wasn’t a tablet, phone or tweeting fridge. It’s an old-fashioned toy — based on the year’s hottest mobile phone game.

Mattel’s plastic-and-metal game “Angry Birds: Knock on Wood,” will hit retail shelves around the world in May. The most detailed look at the game comes from Electric Pig, which captured the cranky yellow birds, smirking pigs and lethal black bombbirds in all their three-dimensional (real 3D! Not TV 3D!) glory.

The game — which will be heavily touted at next month’s New York Toy Fair — will retail for $15. That’s a step up from the $0.99 price tag on the bestselling iPhone app. -Stacy

GChat analysis: Angry Birds = angry boss

  • Steve: did you download Angry Birds for the droid yet?
  • Steve: your life will be changed
  • Julianne: i have the beta, as you know...
  • Julianne: the full version got delayed
  • Julianne: im unhappy about it
  • Steve: they just tweeted that the full version is out today...
  • Julianne: oh crap
  • Julianne: well there goes my productivity for the day