Windows 8 will go on sale Oct. 26


Microsoft announced Wednesday that Windows 8 (and presumably its Surface tablet) will go on sales on Friday, Oct. 26. 

This is the third announcement in as many weeks about Windows 8 pricing or availability. We know upgrade pricing will be $40 ($15 for folks that bought Windows 7 PCs recently or will buy one before February), but we still don’t know regular pricing. 

So expect at least one more announcement about Windows 8. Microsoft’s really milking this one, huh? -David

In Q1 2011, Windows was by far the top choice of consumers — while no touch-first Windows tablets existed, 46% of U.S. consumers yearned for one. By Q3 2011, that picture had changed dramatically: Windows was no longer No. 1 in choice preference, and interest among consumers dropped to 25%. Microsoft has missed the peak of consumer desire for a product they haven’t yet released.

Is Windows 8 a Thneed?

That’s the question Dave asked this morning while mulling the Windows 8 demo Microsoft unveiled last night.

We, of course, decided this needed to be a story. Illustrated with a Thneed.

At CNNMoney, that means talking to the Graphics team (our site’s hardworking unsung heroes) — and the legal team, about fair use rules. Hence the following very amusing e-mail chain:


Result: We got our Thneed image, hooray! 


So is Windows 8 a does-everything wonder that no one actually needs? Go check out the story and cast your vote in the comments. -Stacy