IOS 5? Please, my [insert device here] has done that for years


Photo taken by me at Google I/O 2011

Apple reinvented the smartphone in 2007, but it has been playing catch up for the past couple years.

Here’s a sampling of announcements that Steve Jobs & Co. made today that already existed on other devices:

Camera button on launch screen: Windows Phone devices do Apple one better: They can take photos from sleep mode just by hitting the camera button.

Notifications: Apple now lets iOS users swipe down to get notifications. Android has had that feature since 2007.

iMessage: I guess Apple couldn’t get RIM to give them the rights to iBBM.

OTA updates: Come on, even WebOS has that.

iCloud: Have a new Android? Sign into Google, and all your contacts, e-mails and settings are waiting for you, including Wi-Fi network passwords.

Twitter integration: I was frankly surprised that didn’t already exist on the iPhone, since you can do that on a BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android.

And I get accused of being an Apple fanboy. -David