Apple’s no good very bad RECORD SHATTERING quarter

Apple reported sales of $55 billion for its fourth-quarter, and a profit of $13 billion.

That’s THIRTEEN BILLION. $13,078,000,000, to be more precise. It’s the second-highest quarterly profit in U.S. history.

As Tim Cook pointed out on Apple’s conference call, the company¬†sold 10 iOS devices per second last quarter.

So, you’d think Wall Street would be like this:


Here’s how investors actually reacted:


Apple shares are down 11% after-hours. Tomorrow’s opening trade will probably be gruesome.

Now, to be fair, investors have legit concerns that Apple’s growth is slowing. Apple’s margins are shrinking, and there’s no sign yet of a new, next magical “it will sell ZILLIONS” device on the horizon.

But still. I find it astonishing that profit of THIRTEEN BILLION can be considered a total disaster. -Stacy