Everyone is hitting to confirm the crash. Fun backstory: That site was built by former Twitter engineer Alex Payne, who is now with banking startup (I was about to tweet that tidbit, then realized, oops. Duh.) 

The best way to confirm Twitter outages is with the site’s Pingdom page. This outage started just before noon ET and has lasted a half hour so far, making it Twitter’s worst crash in months. -Stacy


Your daily dose of tweet stupidity: A tumblr to chronicle all the whoopsies people make in 140 characters. 



The journey from hero to goat in sports is a short one on Twitter. Take the story of Lehigh University wide receiver Ryan Spadola. In the same week, he won All-American honors and then was suspended from a playoff game over a retweet.

Trying to determine exactly what Spadola said is…

In this weekend’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone explained on the NPR quiz show how he bailed out of an incredibly awkward meeting with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The best is Zuck’s oblivious reaction to Twitter co-founder Ev Williams’ joke at lunch wondering if the CEO could cut the line: “That’s not how we do things here.”

UberMedia goes Hollywood

Looks like Ashton Kutcher is dipping his toes in tech territory again. The early adapter of Twitter is now teaming up with UberMedia to launch, a custom Twitter client.

The Windows and Mac Desktop client will provide 8 channels curated by Ashton.

"What we’ve built is a social media surfing device with curated channels to enhance the discovery process of the real-time web," he said. 

Remember when UberMedia was in talks to acquire Tweetdeck? UberMedia has done a decent job of positioning itself at the epicenter of the Twitterverse economy. But as Twitter cracks down on third-party clients, the company may have to reposition itself.

Enter Ashton? Hmm.. if UberMedia really wants a leg up, they should launch 8 channels curated by Justin Bieber!  #justsayin -Laurie 

Startup 2011: tech experts weigh in

Some interesting quotes from Startup 2011, Silicon Alley Insider’s annual conference:

Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson on Apple vs. Google: “Android will end up being the device leader in the mobile market.”

Entrepreneur Gina Bianchini on closed vs. open: “Google - they represent the open web, and they represent a business model and are highly motivated that the Internet stays open.”

EDventure’s Esther Dyson on Apple’s competition: “Being the elite player is a nice position as along as they don’t try to be broad. Be the best at what you do – Apple should not attempt to be Google or Facebook. It should stay closed and be different and then they have a chance of succeeding.”

Dyson on whether Facebook will be bigger than Google: “I think they will be. They’re the platform, they own the audience, that’s the thing you can’t reproduce.”

And everyone seems to be weighing in on Twitter’s future:

Dyson: “Most companies don’t’ get murdered. They commit suicide.”

Gilt Groupe CEO Kevin Ryan: “I’d be concerned.”

Business Insider’s Henry Blodget: “Twitter….hallucination or next huge media company?” -Laurie