For this week’s Friday kitties we have the BEST WEBSITE EVER, brought to our attention by Belinda: KittehRoulette. Through it we discovered YouTube star Maru, who has taken on an envelope, an enemy wine box, and a crinkly bit of paper, among other foes.  Instead of finishing story edits, I’m gonna sit here mindlessly clicking “Next Kitteh!”

UPDATE: Our far more serious-minded colleague Charles (but we will vouch for his amusingly sardonic streak — check out “Big Bird on the chopping block”) pointed out New York Times Roulette. It just gave us The Ethicist. Bzzt! Back to the kittehs!  -Stacy

Forget news, here’s a cat vid

Well, it’s been a week packed with piles and piles of tech news: Apple declared war on the media industry, Twitter declared war on a rival, everyone hugged and made nice for dinner with Mr. Head Poobah of the U.S., and Dave filed a dozen stories from Mobile World Congress (plus a slideshow!) despite craptastic Wi-Fi

So we’re ready to stop filing and start surfing YouTube. Here we present our finest find of the week: Snooky vs the metronome. -Stacy