Retro comeback wishes



The Commodore 64 is back! We asked the CNNMoney Tech Tumblr team what retro tech items they wished would make a comeback.

Laurie: Is it wrong to say Tamagotchi? That’s not even a technology. It was my only friend in 5th grade.

Paul: I have two. The original Nintendo (circa 1985) I believe that came with both the gun for Duck Hunt (my brother and I spent more time trying to shoot the silly, snickering dog than the ducks) and Gyromite with the R.O.B. robot helper.

Other is 2-XL, an educational robot (notice a trend?) toy from the late 1970s that used … wait for it … 8-track tapes!

Julianne: Do you remember a little thing Casio made that was like a mini computerish thing for kids? I can’t think of its name. I loved mine. I had one in third or fourth grade. The Googles aren’t helping because I have no ideas for keywords. And now my afternoon will be dedicated to finding out what it is called.

(Update from JP: A trillion thanks to our rockin’ follower Rachel Adam, who remembered the Casio My Magic Diary! My brain is finally at ease!)

David: Cassette tapes. My friends and I used to pretend we were DJs. We’d introduce a song, then record music from the radio or another tape. I had a really good radio voice when I was eight. Except, twenty years later, my mother played the tapes for my wife. Maybe I don’t want them to come back…

Stacy: My Palm Pilot. Is that retro enough? Mine is. 

GChat analysis: In memoriam: Jason's Palm Pre

  • Jason: my not so beloved palm pre has kicked the bucket
  • Julianne: noooooooooooo! you were the last one in the newsroom holding it down for palm
  • Jason: i know
  • Julianne: cause of death?
  • Jason: i dropped it last night and now the screen won't turn on. it's survived many a drop in the past, but this one was too much
  • Julianne: Are you sure it isn't just in a coma?
  • Jason: you think punching the screen will fix it? sort of like fonzie and the jukebox?
  • Julianne: 'eyyyy
  • Jason: hmmm beating up phone, definitely not a winner. neither is taking the battery out, dropping it again, or a variety of button mashing/holding
  • Julianne: what can you do with a dead pre? Shuffleboard? Curling?
  • Jason: I always wanted to skip it on top of the water like a stone
  • Julianne: it would be a great paperweight, or a doorstopper
  • Jason: a "Scared Straight" for phone makers...a how-to prop for how not to make a phone
  • Julianne: well, RIP palm pre. time for viking funeral.
  • Jason: actually, this thing is shaped like a tombstone, and it has the word palm on the back. all we'd need is an epitaph