The No. 1 place you’re most likely to lose your phone is…

If you’re in a coffee shop in Philadelphia, keep a good eye on your cell phone.

A study by mobile security company Lookout released on Thursday found that most phone thefts or misplacements happen between the hours of 9 p.m. and 2 a.m., in coffee shops, and in Philadelphia.  

The other most-common places to lose phones — or have them stolen — were bars, offices, restaurants, apartment buildings, grocery stores, gas stations, homes, pharmacies and parks. After Philadelphia, Lookout found that most phone thefts and losses happened in Seattle, Oakland, Long Beach, Newark, Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, New York and Boston.

On average, the study found that Americans lose their phone about once a year. But Philadelphians and Seattle citizens double the average. 

By contrast, people living in Nashville, Washington, Charlotte lose their phones about once every four years.

The study estimated that U.S. consumers lost or had stolen $30 billion worth of cell phones last year, though many of those were ultimately recovered. 

Lookout based its study on customer data when they tried to locate their phones. Similar to Apple’s “find my phone” option for iPhones, Lookout allows its 15 million global customers to locate their devices via the Web. -David

Skullcandy “Aviator Takeover”

Photo: Skullcandy

If you live in NYC, you should jump on Twitter right now and follow @Skullcandy to try to score some sick headphones! The Roc Nation Aviators have been hidden around the city with clues in photo and video form being tweeted out all morning. It’s like an Easter egg hunt with less pastel and way more awesome.

Who wants to go find a pair to bring to the webmaster chained to her desk? - Belinda

Investors gaga for GroupMe


During a recent interview with New York based startup GroupMe, I asked cofounders Steve Martocci and Jared Hecht how much funding they’d secured and whether or not that $30 million valuation rumor was legit.

As you can imagine, they didn’t confirm. But here’s an update! The New York based startup has secured over $10 million in funding from a number of big name investors including Khosla Ventures, General Catalyst, and First Round Capital.

From their blog:

"And with all the wonderful things that have happened on our journey so far, we’re thrilled to announce that we just closed a $10.6m Series B round of financing"

It’s safe to say we’ll be hearing more from these guys. Here’s our interview with the cofounders: