Live code (+ beer) at SXSW


NYC has many awesome startups, but 10gen — ie MongoDB — gets a special place in my heart for being the geekiest.

It’s an open-source NoSQL database that powers many of the biggest Web 2.0 services, including Foursquare, which has its 1 billion+ check-ins logged in MongoDB software. 4sq has one of the splashiest deployments, but it’s not the biggest. That title might go to Shutterfly, which has some 10 billion records stored. 

At SecondMarket’s #SMAustin series, 10gen’s Nosh Petigara, the company’s chief strategy director, broke out the live code to demo location app building on the fly. Afterward, I chatted with him about the company’s growth: When he joined two years ago, 10gen had six people. Now it’s up to 100 — half in NYC, 40 in the Bay Area, and the rest scattered. And they’re hiring across the board.

Want to learn more about MongoDB? Stop by the company’s weekly open office hours/hack sessions. -Stacy