Many have wondered what Microsoft is going to do with Kinect beyond video games. Here’s a first glimpse: It’s a collaboration software that allows conference attendees and presenters to manipulate data and images on a screen using hand gestures. (Microsoft has more information about it on its Research blog).

As many have hacked the Kinect to do everything from 3D scanning to augmented reality, it’s encouraging to see Microsoft begin to think outside the box as well. -David

Looks like Microsoft also sent a package of fun to Jimmy Fallon yesterday! He giggled, as he is wont to do, while playing a dance game with that chick from the vampire show that my roommate Allie loves.

The “Dance Central” creator looked on fondly as Jimmy flailed about. She looks to be quite young, and she’s also behind “Beatles’ Rock Band.” At the end of the segment, as they cut to commercial, the Kinect dude totally gave the vampire chick the setup and she beamed. I wish we could keep ours too! -Julianne