Google nukes office productivity once again


While U.S. Google users make due with an interactive turkey, visitors to Google UK today get a wicked cool interactive tribute to Stanislaw Lem. The Guardian has the story of the animation, which the skeleton crew working the tech beat today at CNNMoney has been fiddling with all morning. 

As my friend Liza tweeted: “The Stanislaw Lem doodle on (not US) has completely shut our company down for 15 minutes.” -Stacy

Google’s best doodles ever!


Image courtesy of Google

Google doodles are always clever. But this might be the best work that the talented group of Google artists has ever created.

Today would have been the 76th birthday of the late Roger Hargreaves, the British author of the popular Mr. Men and Little Miss series of children’s books. In honor of this, Google’s home page features a rotating series of Mr. and Little Miss-themed doodles. (Thanks to my brother Steve for pointing this out to me.)

Steve and I loved these books as a kid (and who didn’t?) and Mr. Rush was always our favorite. So if you, like Bob Geldof, don’t like Mondays, go to Google and click on the home page and keep refreshing. If it could bring a smile to my face (I often resemble Mr. Grumpy) it should cheer you up too. — Paul