Sony is currently learning a valuable lesson about user data and privacy

Sony CEO Howard Stringer, courtesy Sony

Remember the story of George Hotz, who was accused of violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and a couple of other laws after posting instructions on how to gain root access to Sony’s gaming system? And how Sony was able to gain all sorts of information (including phone numbers!) about anyone who watched the video, visited the website, or followed Hotz on Twitter?

Well it turns out the many people were upset by this. Including the notorious hacking collective Anonymous. Playstation Lifestyle reports the group is now attacking all sorts of Sony websites while also gathering information about Sony employees - including home addresses, spouse names, how many kids they have, etc. - and posting that information on the Internet. And they’re not just going after Sony - the members of the law firm representing Sony and the judge in the case are all considered valid targets. - Matt

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