Bravo: Silicon Valley - The Drinking Game

Bravo just unleashed a trailer for “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley," to which there’s only one sane reaction: DRINKING GAME. We’re crowdsourcing the rules; tweet us your suggestions @cnnmoneytech. Here’s a start … 

Take a sip when:

  • Someone refers to programmers as “rock stars” 
  • Someone carries an iPad in one arm and a floofy little dog in the other
  • Randi Zuckerberg makes an appearance
  • Someone refers to a pitch meeting with VCs as “like, really really important”
  • "Coders" wander out of their natural habitat — cubicles — into Bravo’s natural habitat, nightclubs 
  • Someone orders an Uber cab (via show cast member @kimmytaylor)

Do a shot when:

  • Someone talks about IPOing a company that does not yet exist
  • A “business development session” is held poolside among bikini-clad strategizers 
  • Someone refers to Sean Parker, Kevin Rose, or anyone else with a decidedly mixed commercial track record as their entrepreneurial “idol” or “a legend” 
  • A startup executive leads a tour of their blinged-out “corporate crib” 

Swill the whole bottle when:

  • Someone actually writes a line of code

We may need a viewing party for the Nov. 5 kickoff. C’mon VCs, who wants to sponsor? -Stacy & Laurie