Fuzzy math: Verizon says 1.1 million customers = ‘just a few?’

Verizon said today it would throttle speeds for the top 5% of its data hogs, so that the other 95% don’t suffer due to the “inordinate data consumption of just a few users.”

How many is “a few?” Well, there are 94 million Verizon customers. 88% of those are postpaid retail subscribers. 26% of those are smartphone subscribers. 5% of those will have their data throttled.

94,000,000*0.88 = 82,720,000

82,720,000*0.26 = 21,507,200

21,507,200*0.05 = 1,075,360

So that means each month, Verizon will throttle down speeds for 1,075,360 subscribers. You know, “just a few.” -David

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