Sprint drops iPhone price to $150


Sprint has slashed the price of its iPhones by $50 in what a company spokeswoman called a “back to school promotion.” It has also waived its $36 activation fee on the device.

It’s noteworthy anytime a carrier cuts the price of the iPhone, since Apple is typically rigid about its pricing. Yet when a price cut comes in the late summer, it generally means one thing: A new iPhone is coming soon.

In previous years, Walmart and some other retailers have knocked a few bucks off the iPhone in the weeks before the next-generation device was set to go on sale. But $50 is pretty extraordinary, especially from a carrier that is losing money each quarter.

With its roughly $15 billion, five-year iPhone sales commitment to Apple, Sprint may be looking to clear away some inventory to boost its sales numbers. Sales haven’t been bad, averaging about 1.5 million iPhone each quarter, but they’re nowhere near the levels its bigger rivals Verizon and AT&T are selling. -David

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