GChat analysis: Angry Birds' sounds

  • Julianne: did you see our reader who transcribed the angry bird sounds
  • Steve: yeah. but it's not how i'd spell them
  • Julianne: how would you do it
  • Steve: for the boomerang bird: braaaaahhhh.....CAW
  • Julianne: HA!
  • Steve: the caw is when you tap to boomerang
  • Julianne: noted
  • Steve: for the sumo bird: maaaaahh
  • Julianne: yeah that one's easy
  • Steve: and AH when you tap
  • Julianne: do you think the yellow one sounds like wolverine?
  • Steve: i think he says weeeeeeee. and he whistles
  • Julianne: wow ive got to start playing it with the sound on. but i feel like it's obnoxious
  • Steve: i play it with the sound on in our living room...
  • Julianne: i know
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