Aphex Twin is nuts with a spectrogram


image: Wikimedia Commons, by user Omegatron

Cracked.com posted a really incredible piece last week: "10 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Albums."

It’s chock full of hidden messages from Nine Inch Nails, conspiracy theories re: Radiohead, a piece-it-together song from Tool and more. The craziest/techiest one is from freakazoid electronic outfit Aphex Twin. The sole Twin is Richard D. James, whom I love — but he’s totally nuts.

As Cracked notes, “he lives in a converted bank office owns a tank and submarine, and has a deranged compulsion to plaster his face all over s—-, as seen most prominently in the insanely terrifying music video for ‘Come to Daddy.’”

That face-plastering reached its peak with an awesome spectrogram trick found on the B-side of the 1999 single “Windowlicker.” The name of the track is this insanely long equation that most fans call, simply, “Equation.”

Toward the end of “Equation,” a jarring metallic noise is heard. When that section is run through a spectrograph, which converts sound waves into images, the above picture of James’ wacked-out smile appears.

To see the spectrograph run-through of the whole song, click below (or skip to 5:36 for the face). And definitely don’t plan on sleeping tonight! -Julianne

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