Google Chrome OS, according to The Big Lebowski


Photo: Universal Studios Entertainment

I had a chance to play around with Google’s new operating system, Chrome OS, for about a week. Though I could tell you what I think, I’d rather leave it up to the masters, the cast of “The Big Lebowski.”

"What the f—- is this?" [holding a bowling ball]

"Obviously, you’re not a golfer."

To someone familiar with Mac or a PC, Chrome OS is going to seem a little foreign. You can browse the Web … and that’s it. Though Web apps are getting better, a lot of people like good old fashioned native software. And that’s not possible on a Chrome OS laptop.

"Smokey, this isn’t ‘Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."

Google is trying to sell these devices to corporations. Though CFOs might love the cost savings (Mark it eight, dude!), IT departments are going to flip their collective lids (Smokey, you’re entering a world of pain). How will these devices network? What if there’s proprietary software that needs to be installed? Has the whole world gone crazy?!

"Her girlfriend give up her toe! She thought we’d be getting million dollars! It’s not fair!"

Chrome OS had a lot of promise nearly two years ago when Google announced it, as the netbook craze was in full swing. But since then, netbooks gave way to tablets, and Google’s mobile OS, Android has taken off like crazy. Now it seems like Chrome OS is dead on arrival. My guess is they merge these two — the browsing experience on Chrome OS is awesome, but why can’t that be integrated with Android?

"If you will it, it is no dream."

We’ll see if Walter (and Theodore Herzl) is right. Google’s been at this for about two years, and in the meantime Android has selling like no one would have believed. Chrome OS has some nice features, but I just don’t know who’s going to buy it. -David

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