61% of Adobe Reader plug-ins are outdated on work computers

IT departments are notoriously slow when it comes to updating their companies’ workstations. But this is just ridiculous.

61% of Adobe Reader plug-ins used by corporate customers were outdated last quarter, according to the latest State of the Web security research report published by Zscaler ThreatLabZ. 52% of Shockwave plug-ins were outdated, as were 41% of Microsoft Silverlight plug-ins.

If other corporate environments are anything like CNN’s, IT administrators put up a firewall, preventing users from downloading certain updates. Rather than call IT every time there’s a Java, Quicktime, Silverlight, Shockwave, Flash, or Reader plug-in updated (you know, every single day), users just ignore those updates.

The problem: most of those updates plug security holes that are being exploited by cybercriminals. So IT departments are really aiding and abetting the destruction their policies are meant to prevent. -David

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