MG Siegler vs. MG Siegler



A quick series of events…

Feb. 12: Tech blogger extraordinaire MG Siegler posts this rant about the state of tech journalism.

His main complaint: “Most are stories written with little or no research done. They’re written as quickly as possible. The faster the better. Most are just rehashing information that spread by some other means. But that’s great, it means stories can be written without any burden beyond the writer having to read a little bit and type words fast. Many are written without the writer even having to think.”

Feb. 20 (a.m.): Siegler posts this 43-word piece about the Microsoft/Google privacy debate.

Feb. 20 (p.m.): Whoops! Turns out Siegler missed crucial details about the Microsoft/Google fracas. Solution: He dismisses Google’s argument by saying, “I’m not saying either side is right or wrong here. All I’m saying is that if Google has a problem with what Microsoft is saying, they should come out and say so in plain English.”

Siegler could have read up on the subject before he posted. But as he so eloquently said in his Feb. 12 post, “But that would have been more work. And work is hard.” -David

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