How Groupon capitalized on my temporary insanity


As a Jersey gal, I’ve been a Giants fan since I was a wee one. So yesterday was, well, pleasing. I holed up to watch the game with childhood friends (and a pug in a Giants tee), where I bit my nails down to the quick and got elbowed in the face when the group of us jumped around screaming and the clock ticked down to zero.

After I determined that I hadn’t lost a tooth, I picked up my phone to text friends about the win. But something gave me pause: a notification from Groupon about an NFL toaster.

"A GIANTS TOASTER!" I announced. My skeptical boyfriend asked if the thing actually emblazoned the NYG logo into the toast. As soon as I replied "yes," everyone in the room stopped screaming and whipped out their phones to make the purchase.

In the cold light of day, I tweeted to Groupon damning them for tempting me with a $30 novelty toaster in my time of crazy. Groupon replied as you might expect: “We impulse bought a NY Giants pony, so consider the toaster a space-saver.” -Julianne

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    Some fans buy crazy things!
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    pony just tickled me so. Bronies? Maybe not? Insane? …I think so. :D
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    I love stories about ridiculous impulse purchases. That toaster will be a topic of conversation for years to come,...