What the hell is ShoppyBag


screenshot by Julianne Pepitone

So I logged into my GMail this morning and found this very odd email from M, who is a friend of my cousin. M and I have never once met; said cousin was trying to hook us up, so we chatted via email. (Zero connection from the get-go, and communication ended sometime after he said, quote, “I hate to read — unless it’s the NY POST!!!!111!!! LOL!”)

Therefore, there’s no way M “tagged me with a photo.” So WTF is ShoppyBag? Why is it clearly spamming M’s contact list? How did it manage to use improper English in a one-sentence email?

So many questions, and very few answers. What pissed me off at first was the clear lie that M tagged me “with” a photo, but I was also pretty incensed when neither the “photo” link nor the unsubscribe link worked. ShoppyBag.com seems to be down, so I headed to the Googles.

A GMail help thread from 2009 is full of people complaining that ShoppyBag is a social networking type of site that spammed their contact lists: “Do not sign up at shoppybag. I did a few days ago after an invitation form [sic] a family member, and I woke up this morning with automated invitations to EVERYONE on my contacts list. Do not provide your account and password to shoppybag.”

Every single page (at least the first few pages of Google results) mentioning ShoppyBag includes the words scam, spam, deceptive, etc. I have no idea who’s running this site, but I’d love to give ‘em a course in consumer psychology…and quite a few classes on grammar. -Julianne

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    Yep. This happened to me, too. I have @baronetess to thank for it.
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    Beware ShoppyBag, the social network that spams your friends without permission. I’ve got to admit I fell for their...