The next of KIN


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It’s baaaaaaack!

Microsoft’s phone for tweens, KIN was an incredible failure. The company pulled the devices after just a month and a half on the market. One analyst told me Verizon sold 500 of them. No, not 500,000. Five hundred.

In what is probably a move to clear inventory, the KIN is once again for sale on Verizon’s network, but with a number of important tweaks.

First, Verizon and Microsoft finally admitted that the KIN is a dumb phone (as opposed to a smartphone). Instead of forcing customers to pay $30 a month for a data plan that it requires for all smartphone users, Verizon is allowing KIN users to pay $10 a month for 25 megabytes or $15 a month for 150 megabytes of data.

The KIN devices also got a price cut themselves. Originally selling for $100 and $50, they have been slashed to $50 and $20. 

Still, Microsoft has given up on KIN, putting all of its effort behind Windows Phone 7. Don’t expect the phones to be selling for too much longer. -David

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