Are you f——-g serious?



TechCrunch’s MG Siegler went on a rant Wednesday about how Google removed his profile photo (above) from his account, which had been using on Google+, Gmail, Google chat and other services.

“It turns out, Google — without telling me — went into my account and deleted my profile picture,” Siegler said on his blog. “Why? Because I am giving the middle finger in it. ”

Well, at least the second part of that statement is true. Google hardly “went into” Siegler’s account. That implies some engineer at Google looked up his password, went into his account, clicked on settings, clicked on edit profile, and then deleted his photo.

Instead, some Google+ user probably flagged his account because the photo violated Google’s terms of service. Then, without actually going into his account, Google removed the photo from its servers.

You can argue whether a photo of a middle finger is offensive or not, but the point is that it’s Google’s platform. If Siegler wants to post his flipped bird on his own website,, he’s welcome to do that — and he did.

Siegler claims that he’s not even really that upset about Google’s middle-finger restrictions, rather he’s angry that no one at Google warned him before taking it down.

Of course, Google had told him, but like all of us, he chose not to read the document. Still, imagine using that excuse to get out of a moving violation? “No one told me there’s no right on red in New York.” 

Give me a break.

That’s all I’ll comment on here, but it’s a fun, albeit ridiculous read if you haven’t seen it yet. I particularly enjoyed the “arguments” of “who gives a s—t … let them uncircle me or whatever,” and “in certain cultures, various hand gestures mean different things. ” -David

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