This is the time of year that people get very emotional and want to make sure their families stay connected as a unit. Every year at this time more and more potential customers want to buy a pre-need plan for themselves or for their entire family.

That’s what Jill Larson, senior vice president of a company called Smart Cremation, in a press release touting the fact that the company’s services are now available for purchase on

First, let me say, “Ewww!” Next, while I understand the need for us to all face our mortality, why are we supposed to do it two weeks before Christmas? And why would I want to buy such a thing on Amazon? It’s one thing to shop for a Kindle Fire there. But I’m not sure I want to go to Amazon to comparison shop for places to have my corporeal form put into a fire. Did I say, “Eww?”

Anyway, this is nothing against cremation per se. But if I ever chose that route, I think I wouldn’t plan ahead and buy from Amazon. Especially for the listed prices of either $1,189 or $1,588! Like Walter said in The Big Lebowski, “Just because we’re bereaved doesn’t make us saps!”

I wonder if you can get an empty Folger’s coffee can from Amazon cheaper than at Ralph’s. — Paul