Amazon buys, kills Amie Street

Amazon had some M&A bombs during the dot-com era (the lowlights were and Kozmo), but it’s also made some very prescient buys over the years, including Zappos, IMDB, Audible and ABEBooks. Lately, it’s been scooping up experimental e-commerce sites like Woot — and today it added Amie Street’s online music store to its portfolio.

And killed it. The site is currently “down for maintenance,” but a letter to customers sent out this morning warned that the site will basically go dark Sept. 22. Links will redirect to Amazon’s MP3 store, and customers have till then to use or lose any credit left on their account.

It’s less a takeover than a winding down; terms weren’t disclosed. Amazon was already an Amie investor, having ponied up during the site’s first fundraising round in 2007. The site drew notice for its dynamic pricing model, under which more popular songs were more expensive, but lately its leaders’ focus has been on the Songeza streaming media service Amie bought in 2008. That will continue, independently from Amazon. -Stacy