• Stacy: did you download the guardian's new facebook app?
  • Neil: no. in fact, that's what made me try to quit Facebook
  • Stacy: did you download an app from them long ago?
  • Neil: I don't think so. why?
  • Stacy: cos it's showing you as one of my "friends who use this app"
  • Neil: ?!? let me go look
  • Stacy: was trying to figure out how broadly it grabs permissions
  • Neil: nope, I have not used it
  • Stacy: awesome. sending you the screenshot
  • Neil: I was asked if I wanted to use it, and clicked the "F#%$ NO" button. actually, guess it should be the "PISS OFF" button
  • Stacy: Our article is basically about facebook's lack of a F#%$ OFF button
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