David Karp, what are you doing in my GQ?

As Stacy would say, it has been A Day (thanks for the late Friday newsdump, Groupon! Those financials sure are purty!).

I left my desk today for lunch in an effort to clear my head, and I brought along this month’s GQ. I flipped through idly, with visions of sugarplums and SEC filings dancing through my head, when I saw it! David Karp, all up in my magazine:


Mr. Karp — who is, of course, the founder of Tumblr — was staring right back at me in a comfy-looking cable-knit sweater from superhot Japanese clothing shop Uniqlo.

It reminds me of the Gap ads a few months (a year?) ago that featured Dennis and Naveen from Foursquare. Forget actors and supermodels — attractive tech stars are the new faces of fashion! -Julianne

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